Friday, February 20, 2015

Happy Pitchers and Catchers Day!

Yesterday (Feb 19th) was the year's first holiday in Mets Land. Today (Feb 20th) was the same holiday in Yankee and Red Sox Nations. My adopted team from Canada doesn't celebrate until Sunday. In fact, each day from Wednesday through Sunday marks the various team holidays known as Pitchers and Catchers Day, according to this site:

Pitchers and Catchers Day marks the beginning of baseball season, even if the preseason games have yet to begin. While the first couple months of baseball season can be filled with intrigue, late December through mid February is a restless time for fans. Most of the major offseason moves have been made, and no one is playing baseball in North America.

Baseball is a daily game. MLB teams play 162 games across six months. Add in a month of postseason and a month of Spring Training, and there is a baseball game to watch almost every single day for two-thirds of the year. So for a baseball fan, it's hard to take two months of virtual stasis. But the waiting is over. The feel-good stories of the spring are already filling the newspaper pages, and meaningless exhibition games will soon bring meaning to the last days of winter.

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